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Are you struggling with the French subjunctive or the use of "Lei" in Italian? Everyone seems to speak English anyway, and there’s Google translate, so what's the point?

Not only can the ability to say just a few words in a foreign language enrich your holiday experience, but it can give fascinating insights into a culture. Indeed, something which may seem just like sound to you: “ciao” can connect and open a door to somebody from a different country.

Do you want to achieve your potential and learn in a warm, friendly, relaxed, motivating environment? I love teaching and seeing people of all ages achieve their potential. I have a passion for languages, am enthusiastic, patient and inspire others.

Lessons are bespoke, tailored and can be one-to-one or small groups. My charges start at just £20 an hour for beginners and £25 an hour for intermediate or GCSE standard.

Lessons are usually one hour but double lessons can be arranged. They can be a one-off, once a week or a series of 5 or 10 weeks or more. I am able to provide group discounts or a reduction if lessons are block booked in advance.

A wide range of stimulating resources are provided. I use games and role play to ensure that learning does not become a chore.

Lessons are generally held at my home in Christchurch but I am willing to come to your home at an additional fee and  if within 5 miles.

I am very flexible with dates and times and lessons can be arranged to suit your schedule.

Payment can be made after each session or for a series at a reduced rate.  

Please use the contact form to ask me for more information about one to one ptivate tutoring or call me on 01202 478665 to book your first lesson.